Kolkata, the foremost trading city in India is proud to be home to one of a kind pub – Refinery 091.


Refinery 091 is a themed pub that endeavours to change the way Pubs are imagined. Elements incorporated here have never been used before. The name itself has been derived from the international dialing code of India (91), making it stand out as being an out and out Indian space.

Refinery 091 pays homage to the purest form of design by subtly blending the elements lending themselves to both raw and finished décor. Around the place, they seem to be moving towards a refined finish form from a raw looking finish. Materials like wood and metal signifing warmth and cold are mixed together to create a unique outlay.


The décor ties together a vivid industrial feel from the ceiling, inspired by an oil refinery,  to a rather refined and controlled methodical layout on the floor, enabling a smooth footfall. The industrial pipes, that form the main element of design on the ceiling are further outlaid and integrate at the bar. The bar area is designed to feel as if the process starts with its bubblers and energy thus formed percolates through the drinks, food, music and flows around the place in pure copper pipes. These are tied with the overall theme by the clever use of copper as the primary color. Without being overbearing, it accentuates the purity and rawness of the décor. Another highlight, the chimney is laid out on the floor to signify the energy oozing out of the floor. The DJ counter has been theme styled as a bewery tank to inspire the Disc Jockeys to brew up their unique mixes to rapture one and all.


All in all, Refinery 091 aims to become one of the most refined pub, a hallmark of best food, drinks, music, events and delight – an extravaganza of refined and pure energy.